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Ugo La Pietra il Disequilibrista  trailer

Ugo La Pietra il Disequilibrista trailer

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Ugo La Pietra (1938) one of the most prominent researcher and theorist  in the field of RADICAL ARCHITECTURE, from the 60’s carries out inquiries on the subject man- environment, trough unusual means like artist’s film and performances.

An interview in his studio creates a continuum from past to the present time, faces the problems about the peripheries and the re – appropriation of the town and  shows a present time where the architectural landscape becomes more and more influenced by media and data transmission as in the exhibition Italy the new domestic landscape at MoMA - New York 1972, or in The Casa Telematica showed in 1982 at the Fiera di Milano.

From the 80’s the chief thought becomes the link between design, crafts and material culture.

The film ends in a performance on the street furniture in Milan, where the architect insists on the value of planning inside the culture of human living.


ITALY / 2007/30 '
DIRECTOR: Matteo Giacomelli


Cineteca Italiana - Milan, previewed, January, 2007
XIV Libero Bizzarri Award - City, Architecture, Territories section, September, 2007
48th Festival dei Popoli Florence, November, 2007
Cinéma du Réel, Center Pompidou Paris  selected for the Video Library, January-February, 2008

Triennale di Milano -  Design Museum  - Agorà Video Review, 2010
International Design Biennial, Ascoli Piceno, 2010

RUFA (Rome, University of Fine Arts), Rome, 2012

Casa dell'Architettura, Radical Day-The Radical Architecture in Film, Rome, 2013

Aarhus School of Architecture, Architecture Manifestos, Aarhus (DK), 2014

Spazio Oberdan XXI Triennale International Exhibition 21st Century. Design after Design, Milan, 2016

Pubblica Biblioteca di Parabiago. Cinema, Architecture, Citizenship, Parabiago, 2019

Documentario Ugo La Pietra Il Disequilibrista. Architettura Radicale
Documentario Ugo La Pietra Il Disequilibrista. Architettura Radicale
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