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La Porta Orientale  trailer

La Porta Orientale trailer

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Along the red line of the Milan underground, the Porta Venezia station reveals itself in its ancient identity of Porta Orientale, that is, an overlap and a doubling of meaning occur; on one side, the Porta Venezia stop, a transit and post - modern place; on the other, the Eastern Gate, modern and narrative.
The Eastern Door is what in anthropology is defined as a survival, a forgotten and no longer functional residue, which however remains…
In this place of silence and half-light, a guiding figure appears, a "keeper of memory", who brings out an unprecedented Milan.
Everything is real, no stage lights. Live sound and ambient noises mark the time of exploration involving the viewer in a slow but definitive immersion in another space.
As if to say, the Eastern Gate is a symbol, the essential is invisible to the eye.


ITALY / 2006/10 '
DIRECTOR: Matteo Giacomelli


XIII Libero Bizzarri Prize - City, Architecture, Territories section: First Prize, 2006
XVIII Fano International Film Festival, 2006
15th Video Festival di Canzo, Documentary Section: Second Prize, 2006

Documentario La porta Orientale
Documentario La porta Orientale
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