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Franco Summa  Cittadino dell' Arcobaleno  trailer

Franco Summa Cittadino dell' Arcobaleno trailer

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Franco Summa (1939) can be considered a forerunner of the problematic man, art and city since the first gestalt artworks of the sixties.
His path, developed through research practices in environmental and social art, aims to build an active relationship of citizens in the building  of the city, through direct participation and the use of color.
An interview in the artist's studio in Pescara rebuilds a journey through space and time, embracing historic centers and suburbs, passing through the archive images of the 1976 and 1978 Venice Biennials.
Unpublished films in 8 mm keep us back into  the atmosphere  of an artistic journey based on the power of imagination, of giving shapes, signs and symbols to the city.
The documentary shows  the network of  personalities from the international cultural scene involved in Summa's happening and performances such as Pierre Restany, Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Gordon Matta Clark, and enters the collective imagination through the comics of Andrea Pazienza and the film Le Vacanze Intelligenti by Alberto Sordi.
A film conceived as a means to reinvent an experience based on lightness and poetry and to restore the imaginative energy of an artist who has conceived color as  the structuring element of urban and human architecture.


ITALY / 2005/30 '
DIRECTOR: Matteo Giacomelli



XVII Fano International Film Festival, selected with special mention by the jury, 2005
57th Valdarno Film Festival, 2006
13th International Short Film Festival Writing and Image, selected with special mention by the jury, Pescara, 2006

Program Annuel sans Frontières Festival du Cinéma de Bruxelles, 2006
The Milan Triennale -  Design Museum  - Agorà Video Review, 2011


Documentario Franco Summa
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