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About   myself

Matteo Giacomelli, art historian and filmmaker, degree in art history, master's degree in criticism for theater, cinema and television at the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome, proposes an approach that combines film, architecture and design. In 2005, after experiences as an interviewer in the field of contemporary art (Venice Biennale 2003), he founded Emmegiprod, a studio for the production of documentaries of Architecture and Art, creating a series of official biographies dedicated to the Italian movement of Radical Architecture and Arte a Partecipazione Sociale (Ugo La Pietra, Superstudio, Riccardo Dalisi, Franco Summa).

These films have been presented in various documentary film festivals and museums, including the  Premio Libero Bizzarri , the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, Cinéma du Réel, Napoli Film Festival, MAXXI, the Milan Triennale, La Casa dell'Architettura , the Fondazione  Cineteca Italiana , etc ..

In 2015 the critical approach underlying the series of Architectural Paths/Percorsi di Architettura was examined at the Aarhus School of Architecture (DK), as part of the Lecture Series In-Between critic [RE] alities / architecture Manifestos dedicated to the "post critically " that is to reconsider the concept of "doing Architecture" as a fundamental category in contemporary architecture and a place of criticism itself.

In 2017 Matteo Giacomelli expands his work opening the Spazio e Immagini studio - gallery in Bologna (   specialized in original vintage photographs (original vintage print) with a strong interest in documentary photography: early Paparazzi Photography '50 -'60, Cinema   (stills, specials and portraits) '40 -'70, Photojournalism from the 30s to the years '70, Anonymous and Vernacular Photography, Radical Architecture, Counterculture, original  documents and Ephemera (flyers from the '60s-'70s, creative sheets, posters etc.)  

Matteo Giacomelli lives and works in Bologna.

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